A Bit About Me

I spent the last decade of my career in talent recruitment, working with diverse companies and industries–ranging from financial services to creative agencies and consulting firms. My experience deeply impacted me as I witnessed the dehumanizing aspects of the hiring process and job search. Each role shaped my perspective on company decision making and its profound affect on talent acquisition and employee satisfaction. Throughout my career and time in the corporate world, I’ve been fortunate to mentor and hire hundreds of professionals–gifting me with valuable insight and lessons along the way.   

A persistent curiosity for health and wellness also led me to dedicate the past 7 years to deep exploration in self-development. My extensive work with a Psychoanalyst and continued study in philosophy, nutrition and exercise inspired my transition into Career Strategy and Personal Development. My work now involves guiding others through the process of taking their careers apart so they can better understand their value and strengths in order to attract the right opportunities. My mission is to help others create meaningful work lives.

When I’m not researching new sustainable brands or people and companies with integrity– you'll find me lovin’ on dogs, reliving 90’s hip-hop dance parties in my living room, or practicing Ashtanga yoga. I’m a huge advocate of mental health awareness and will always be inspired by the human spirit. As a California native–I’ve called New York City home for most of my adult life, and I’m forever grateful for its cultural richness and opportunity.

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